Bald Rock Amateur Radio Club is a nonprofit, 501c3 amateur radio (HAM Radio) club based out of St. Clair County, Alabama. 

Please check our Events Page for information about or next meeting time and location.

Our club values are:

  • To Promote Amateur Radio licensing and operation in St. Clair County and across the state of Alabama
  • To Provide, where possible, operating opportunities for licensed Amateur Radio operators
  • To Enhance, through organization and on air experience the emergency preparedness of a pool of local operators
  • And most of all, to Enjoy the fellowship of the Bald Rock Amateur Radio Club members and acquaintances


Weekly Tuesday Night Net Information

The Bald Rock Amateur Radio Club hosts a weekly net each Tuesday evening at 7PM on our linked club repeaters.
These repeaters are:

  • Frequency: 145.190, Offset: -0.6 MHz, PL Tone: 156.7 Hz
  • Frequency: 444.725, Offset: +5.0 MHz, PL Tone: 156.7 Hz

All licensed Amateur Radio operators are welcomed and encouraged to participate.

Our typical net progression is as follows:

  • Net control sign on an announce net start
  • Net control general net information
  • Call for announcements
  • Check-in call - first come, first served
  • Round table after check-ins - each participant is encouraged to share something whether dealing with daily life, the amateur radio hobby, other personal interests, or other information that net participants might find interesting.
  • Call for late check-ins
  • Net control sign off and closing of the net

We believe the regular practice of participating in one (or several) amateur radio nets plays an important role in a community in several ways:

  1. Emergency communication: During emergencies such as natural disasters or other situations that disrupt regular communication channels, amateur radio operators can establish and maintain reliable communication links that can be critical in coordinating emergency response efforts. Amateur radio nets can provide a platform for operators to exchange vital information and coordinate rescue and relief operations.
  2. Information exchange: Amateur radio nets can also serve as a forum for exchanging information on a variety of topics of interest to the community. For example, nets can be used to discuss local events, weather conditions, news, and other topics that are relevant to the community.
  3. Training and education: Amateur radio nets can also provide an opportunity for operators to learn and practice communication skills. Nets can be organized to provide training on various aspects of amateur radio, including operating procedures, equipment usage, and emergency communication protocols.
  4. Community building: Finally, amateur radio nets can help build a sense of community among operators and other members of the community. By participating in regular nets, operators can get to know each other and build relationships that can lead to further collaboration and support in times of need.

Overall, amateur radio nets can provide a valuable service to a community by serving as a reliable communication channel during emergencies, promoting information exchange, offering training and education opportunities, and fostering a sense of community among operators and other community members.

Weekly Club Net

Tuesdays 7PM

The Bald Rock Amateur Radio Club hosts a net each Tuesday evening at 7PM on our club's linked repeaters. For more information, please click below.

Weekly Net Info