These repeaters are active, open to any licensed Ham operators, and within 25 miles of Pell City.

Frequency Offset Tone Callsign Location Mode(s)
146.6200 -0.6 MHz 146.2 W4TCT Odenville, Bald Rock Mountain FM
442.9250 +5.0 MHz 162.2 W4TCT Odenville, Bald Rock Mountain FM
145.1300 -0.6 MHz 103.5 K4SCC Moody, Bald Rock Mountain FM
440.5625 +5.0 MHz CC1 KE4CAA Moody DMR
146.7400 -0.6 MHz 131.8 N4WNL Talladega FM
443.6500 +5.0 MHz 131.8 KA5GET Springville, Simons Mountain FM
442.1000 +5.0 MHz CC1 KK4YQE Trussville DMR, DSTAR

Weekly Club Net

Tuesdays 7PM

The Bald Rock Amateur Radio Club hosts a net each Tuesday evening at 7PM on our club's linked repeaters. For more information, please click below.

Weekly Net Info